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Abacus Young Engineers Class

We are pleased to introduce the Abacus Young Engineers Class!

This is a new extra curriculum activity in partnership with globally renowned e2 Young Engineers through their Kenya Franchise office. The response and experience from the students who participated in our December Young Engineers Holiday Camp was fantastic and we are very excited to include the class to our suite of extra curriculum activities.

The programme seeks to teach the students how to build simple models to more complex motorized models and introduces them to robotics. Students develop tactile motor and spatial skills while learning Science and Engineering principles through structured play, using LEGO® and K’Nex® assembly kits uniquely designed by e2 Young Engineers staff. The Young Engineers projects and tasks are designed to demonstrate scientific principles in a fun and accessible fashion; combining experiments that form scientific intuition with stories that capture the children's imagination.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about the Abacus Young Engineers Class and about our great School and Community.

+254 789 278 275

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